High School Fleet Movie to Sail Into Theaters on Jan. 18!

The movie’s second key visual was also released along with new cast announcements and character visuals. Takahashi Minami will play Miyazato Tohmi, the captain of the Yamato, while Naganawa Maria will voice its vice captain, Nomura Sia. Kusunoki Tomori will be joining the crew as Abe Azumi, captain of the Shinano, and Amano Satomi will serve as Kawano Tsubame, its vice captain. Finally, Tomita Miyu has been enlisted as Chiba Sachiho, captain of the Kii, and Suzushiro Sayumi as Nogiwa Keiko, its vice captain.

High School Fleet is an original anime created by Suzuki Takaaki, in which Japan has been transformed into a maritime nation. High school girls Akeno and Moeka are determined to become part of the elite Blue Mermaids – women who protect the seas – but first, they must face various obstacles with the help of their own ships and crews.

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