Dr. Stone Creators to Make Joint Appearance at Anime NYC!

The creators of Weekly Shonen Jump manga Dr. Stone, Inagaki Riichirou and Boichi, are set to attend Anime NYC 2019 as official guests!

Dr. Stone began serialization in Mar. 2017, and was recently adapted into a TV anime starring Kobayashi Yusuke and Furukawa Makoto as its main characters. The series follows Ishigami Senku, an intelligent student who is highly proficient at science, and his tough yet gentle best friend Taiju, after having woken up in a world where all of humankind has turned to stone. Thousands of years on from their previously normal lives, the two must find a way to save everyone through the power of science.

Although specific details are yet to be announced, Inagaki and Boichi will be interacting with fans at Anime NYC through panels, autograph signings, and special events.

Attendees can also look forward to more guest announcements throughout summer and fall. Tickets are now available at the official website.

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